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Eligibility for Use

Depending on The User’s country of residence, The User may not be legally permitted to use all (or any) of the functions of the Site or the Platform. Users acknowledge that they will not use Our Trading Services if any applicable laws in their country exclude The User from doing so in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The fact that the Site or the Platform is accessible in a User’s jurisdiction, or that the Site or the Platform uses the official language of The User, must not be construed as a right to access the Site or the Platform in such a jurisdiction. Please note that even if the User resides in a country where the services and functions of the Site and or Platform are legal, they may not necessarily be granted a right to the Platform given that The Company assess’ all users on an individual basis. Acces to the our Platform and use of Trading Services is subject to You being at least 18 years of age and having legal capacity to enter into binding contracts, and not having been previously denied access to our Platform or Materials. If You are representing an entity, company or business (other than yourself as an individual), You represent and warrant to Us that you have authority of that entity, company or business, that it has the power to enter into these Terms and Conditions. You must disclose to Us that your accessing our Platform in that capacity and provide all information required by Us in relation to such entity, company or business. We explicitly restrict Users who are located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of: (i) the Bahamas, the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Botswana, Cambodia, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Yemen and Zimbabwe, or any other country or region that becomes subject to financial sanctions by law, or by UN resolution. Furthermore, Users acknowledge that they are legally competent and able to enter into a binding contract and have not previously been refused access or use of Our Materials and have the full power and authority to enter into these Terms. By opening an account (“Account”) on the Platform, The User expressly represents that they are at least 18 years of age and that they have read and accept these Terms and any additional terms and conditions displayed on the Platform (including but not limited to Our privacy policy and AML/CTF policy). If You agree to and comply with these Terms, We grant You a personal, non-exclusive, nontransferable, and limited right to enter and use the Site, the Platform and Materials in accordance with these Terms. If You do not accept the Terms, You should not access this Site or the Platform and should not use the Materials.


The activity of trading involves significant risk. Prices can, and do, fluctuate on any given day, and the value of your account is affected by factors outside of Our and Your control. Due to such price fluctuations, Users may increase or lose value in the account they hold at any given moment. Trading is subject to substantial and potentially very sudden changes in value, and there is a possibility that they may lose their account value all together. You acknowledge and accept these risks, and you warrant to us that you understand the risks involved in trading and that you do so at your own risk. You warrant to us that you have obtained your own independent legal and/or financial advice in relation to our Platform. It is your responsibility to check your Account and monitor any movements in the value of your account value, including in relation to any pending, lapsed, failed or cancelled orders. We do not provide any specific investment advice. Any recommendations, research, signals or other information that we provide in relation to trading is general information only and based solely on the judgment of our personnel or relevant third party providers and is not financial advice specific to You, and does not take into account Your personal circumstances. We, or our employees, officers, agent and/or service providers may also invest or take positions on our Platform, which may be contrary to the position contained in any information distributed by us, and/or contrary to positions you may take. All trading is at your own risk.

Acceptable rights of Use

Unless otherwise specified, all Materials on this Site are the property of The Company and are protected by copyright, trade mark and other applicable laws. The User may view, print or download a copy of the Materials from this Site on any single computer solely for The User’s personal, informational, non-commercial use, provided The User keepsintact all copyright and other proprietary notices. This Site and the Platform are for The User’s personal and non-commercial use only. By registering with The Company, The User agrees to provide The Company with current, accurate, and complete information about The User as prompted by the registration process, and to keep such information updated. The User further agrees that only The User is authorised to access and use its Account, The User will not use any Account other than The User’s own or access the Account of any other User at any time, or assist others in obtaining unauthorised access. The creation or use of Accounts contrary to these Terms without obtaining the prior express permission from The Company will result in the immediate suspension of all such Accounts, as well as all pending purchase or sale offers. Any attempt to do so or to assist others (Users or otherwise), or the distribution of instructions, software or tools for that purpose, will result in the Accounts of such Users being terminated. Termination is not the exclusive remedy for such a violation, and The Company may elect to take further action. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Account information, including their password, and for all activity including transactions that are posted to The User’s Account. If The Company reasonably believes there is suspicious activity related to The User’s Account, The Company may, but is not obligated to, request additional information from The User, including authenticating documents, and to freeze any transactions pending The Company’s review. The User is obligated to comply with these requests or accept termination of The User’s Account. The User isrequired to notify The Company as soon as practicable after it becomes aware of any unauthorised use of The User’s Account or password, or any other breach of security by email addressed to . Any User who violates these rules may have their Account and access to the Platform terminated, and thereafter be held liable for losses incurred by The Company or any User of the Site or the Platform.

Transactions on the Platform

The Company facilitates transactions on the Platform via market liquidity. Users (once verified by The Company) enter instructions and these are completed in line with the conditions set by The User. A transaction will take place if the matching engine can satisfy the requirements set by both the buyer and seller. The Company does not favour or discriminate between instructions. The User acknowledges that there are several factors which affect the probability of an instruction being executed, including but not limited to, time of instruction, order type, price and volume.

A Variety Of Funding Options

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